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Further Resources

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The following links are provided by the "Natural Health Choice Ltd" to assist all of our customers with further information on the safe use of dietary supplements and natural therapies. We recognise the right to and vital importance of education, in empowering individuals to make fully informed, responsible choices in promoting their own health. As such "The Natural Health Choice Ltd" has chosen to make all of these resources freely available to our customers, under the specific requirement that any decision to begin a course of natural therapy should first be fully discussed with their own qualified medical doctor. To this end, the "Natural Health Choice Ltd." has chosen to provide the following links to professional reference materials, including concise information on our partner’s products and protocols. Remember, your doctor is legally responsible for your medical health. Discussing and sharing these materials with your doctor will enable them to best support you.

All external links are have been organised under the following categories:

Ingredient Profiles


Toxicity Resources


Natural Therapy Resources



Beta-carotene Vitamin A Vitamin C
Biotin (B8) Vitamin B1 Vitamin D
Folic acid Vitamin B12 Vitamin E
Niacin (B3) Vitamin B2 Vitamin K
Pantothenic acid (B5) Vitamin B6 .

2. Minerals

Boron Iodine Potassium
Calcium Iron Selenium
Chromium Magnesium Sodium
Cobalt Manganese Trace Elements
Copper Molybdenum Zinc
Fluoride Phosphorus .

3. Other Nutrients

Alpha-lipoic acid Fibre Liquid Zeolite
Anthocyanins Flavonoids Lutein
Betaine FOS Oligo-saccharides Lycopene
Bee Pollen Glucosamine MSM
BioBran Glutamic acid MGN-3
Carotenoids Grape Seed Extract Natural Cellular Defense
Chondroitin Hesperidin Omega 3,6,9
Choline Inositol Phytosterols
Chlorophyll Inositol Phosphate (IP6) Quercetin
Citrus Bioflavonoids Isothiocyanates Reservatol
Coconut Oil L-Arginine Royal Jelly
Co-enzyme Q10 L-Carnitine Rutin
Cod Liver Oil L-Lysine .
Curcumin Lecithin .

4.Herbal Supplements

Acerola Cherry Eyebright Plantain
Alfalfa Fennel Prickly Ash
Aloe Feverfew Psyllium Husk
Angelica Frankincense Pumpkin Seed
Arnica Garlic Raspberry Leaf
Astragalus Gentian Red Clover
Barley Grass Ginger Reishi Mushroom
Black Cherry Gingko Rosehips
Black Cohosh Ginseng Rosemary
Black Walnut Golden rod Rye Grass
Blueberries Goldenseal Root Safflower
Burdock Root Grapefruit Seed Sage (Clary)
Calendula Gravel Root Saw Palmetto
Caraway Hawthorn Berry Senna
Cascara sagrada Horsetail Sheep Sorrel
Cat's Claw Hydrangea Root Shepherd's Purse
Cayenne Hyssop Shitake Mushroom
Chamomile Juniper Berry Skullcap
Chaste Tree Kelp Slippery Elm Bark
Chickweed King Solomon's Seal Spirulina
Chicory Liquorice root Tea Tree
Chlorella Lupin Thyme
Cinnanon Maitake Mushroom Turkish Rhubarb Root
Cloves Marshmallow Root Turmeric
Comfrey Milk Thistle Uva ursi
Coriander Mugwort Valerian
Cornsilk Mullein Walnut Bark
Couch Grass Myrrh Watercress
Cramp Bark Nettle White Willow Bark
Cumin Nutmeg Wild Yam Root
Damiana Oat Grass Wintergreen
Dandelion Oregano Wormwood
Devil's Claw PABA Yucca
Echinacea Parsley .
Elderberry Passion Flower .
Eucalyptus Peppermint .

5. General

Body Burden - Newborn Body Burden - Adults Health Effect Index
Body Burden - Mothers Chemical Name Index Routes of Exposure

6. Dentistry

Amalgam - Facts Mercury - Video 1 Dental Meridian Chart
Amalgam - References Mercury - Video 2 .
Mercury - Overview Fluoride Articles .

7. Vaccination

Risks, Benefits, Choice Vaccine Ingredients Vaccine Resources

8. Personal Care Products

Skin Deep - Overview Chemical Name Index Safe Products
Additive Exposure Safety Search by Brand .

9. Dietary Sources

Pesticides in Food Artificial Sweeteners Polyunsaturated Fats 1
VOC / Solvents in Food E Additives - Index Polyunsaturated Fats 2
Aspartame Toxicity E Additives - Effects Polyunsaturated Fats 3

10. Pharmaceutical

Death by Medicine Comical Video 1 Cholesterol & Statins
Antidepressants - Video Comical Video 2 .

11. Dr Clark Therapy

Basic Parasite Cleanse Adv. Bowel Program 2 Basic Zapping
Adv. Parasite Cleanse Basic Kidney Cleanse Plate Zapping
Tapeworm Program 1 Adv. Kidney Cleanse Food Zappicating
Tapeworm Program 2 Liver Cleanse Tooth Zappicating
Basic Bowel Program 1 Toxin Sources Homeography
Basic Bowel Program 2 Dental Work .
Adv. Bowel Program 1 Safe Home .

12. Metabolic Typing

MT Overview MT Advisor Price-Pottenger Video

13. Glandular Therapy

Natural Thyroid Intro Adrenal Gland Intro Toxic Fats and Oils
Monitor Temperature Adrenal Support 1 Coconut Oil
Temperature Graph Adrenal Support 2 Progesterone Article 1
Laboratory Tests Ray Peat Thyroid 1 Progesterone Article 2
Additional Tips Ray Peat Thyroid 2 -

14. Assorted Therapies

Human Body Manual Colloidal Silver Overview Miracle Mineral (ClO2)
The Story of Ozone Colloidal Silver FAQ .