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Biotin (Vitamin B8) 1mg (50 capsules)

Sale Biotin (Vitamin B8) 1mg (50 capsules)
1 in stock

CLEARANCE SALE DUE TO SHORT-DATED STOCK: EXPIRES END OF DEC 2017. Ingredients: Vitamin B8 (Biotin) 1mg (333% RDA); cornstarch; gelatin capsule. This product is produced by a manufacturer approved by Dr Hulda Clark, ND. Our supplier monitors the purity of their products according to Dr Clark's public testing protocols which includes heavy metal testing whenever appropriate.

RRP: 9.83
Our price: 4.91 50% off

Chymoplex (60 capsules)

Sale Chymoplex (60 capsules)
1 in stock

CLEARANCE SALE: Ingredients: Serrapeptidase 220mg. (yielding 2200 units/mg), Trypsin 200mg. (yielding 2400 units/mg), and Chymotrypsin 80mg. (yielding 400 units/mg), Gelatin capsule. For use only under the direction of a Certified Metabolic Typing Advisor.

RRP: 132.00
Our price: 66.00 50% off

mykind Organics Vegan D3 1000 IU Spray 60ml

Sale mykind Organics Vegan D3 1000 IU Spray 60ml
In stock

mykind Organics Certified Organic Whole Food Vegan D3 Spray is a delicious vanilla spray made with organic foods. In a base of Organic Pumpkin Seed Oil and Organic Cranberry Seed Oil for optimum absorption, one spray daily delivers 1,000 IU (500% RDA) vegan vitamin D3 as cholecalciferol to help promote calcium absorption for healthy bones and normal immune system function.

RRP: 21.95
Our price: 14.95 32% off
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