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Wellness Water Carafe Replacement Filter

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Wellness Water Carafe Replacement Filter Cartridge

The Wellness Water Carafe Replacement Filter can be used with either the Wellness Carafe or a Brita filter jug. The Wellness Water filter gives you clean, refreshing water using a multi-stage filter cartridge to reduce Chlorine, Lead, and other harmful contaminants from your water. After the water is safely filtered, it then passes through Wellness' enhancement media, adding trace alkaline minerals to the water for a unique taste that can only be found with the Wellness filter.

  • Improves taste and quality of water
  • Reduces Chlorine, Lead, and Trihalomethanes (THMs)
  • Enhances water with Wellness technology

Each cartridge filters approximately 40 gallons (about 150 litres) of water, lasting 3 months with regular household use.

After filtration, water passes over Wellness’ enhancement media. The first enhancement stage is magnetic treatment which includes Tenko-Seki, Magnetite, and Magnet medias. The second stage is Bakuhan and Taicho stones which add low levels of Calcium, Potassium, Silica, Yttrium, Vanadium, and other minerals to the water, giving it a unique flavour. Finally, water passes over quartz crystal.

1. Mixed Carbon and SPG Sand

The Wellness Carafe uses a blend of mixed granular carbons and SPG resin to achieve optimal filtration of Chlorine, Lead, and Trihalomethanes (THMs) in a gravity filter design.

Granulated Activated Carbon made from highest quality coconut shell carbon. Carbon is the world's oldest filtration method known being recorded in both ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia where it was used to remove basic contaminants such as chlorine, chlorinated hydrocarbons, organics, volatiles, MTBE, heavy metals, odours and improves taste.

SPG Sand is obtained from volcanic rocks, the surface area of this material is 6.16m2 per gram and provides 0.5 – 3 micron level filtration. It produces high efficiency filtration, mechanically filtering asbestos, dirt, rust, and sediment.

2. Far Infrared and Magnetic Stage

Tenko-Seki Far-Infrared ceramic beads help to produce hydroxyl ions and hydrogen ions in the water with an antioxidant effect, helping to neutralise free radicals.

Magnetite Ore and a Ceramic Magnet then create a magnetic field (4,500 Gauss) within the filter for magnetic resonant activation and structuring of the water to help lowers surface tension, increase solubility of minerals and absorption by the body.

The 'Resonant Activation' Zone

Regular Tap Water                     Wellness Structured Water

3. Bakuhanseki & Taichoseki

Stones imported from Japan comprised primarily of calcium, potassium, iron, and silica. They act as a natural disinfectant role and help to add trace alkaline minerals to the water.

Taichoseki is a proprietary media used in all Wellness filters. On December 15, 1990, the Kitazato Medical School of Public Health in Tokyo, having found that it greatly inhibits the growth of fungus and bacteria, approved Taichoseki mineral stone as a "natural disinfectant". The Medical School's studies found that water treated by Taichoseki mineral stone slows down and may even stop the growth of fungus and bacteria, including Staphylococcus aureus, Bacillus subtilis, Aspergillus niger, Myrothecium verrucaria, Trichophyton interdigitale, and Candida albicans. This mineral also helps to remove iron and cadmium from tap water.

Bakuhanseki is a proprietary media used in all Wellness filters. On October 15, 1995, the Japanese Government's Ministry of Health, Drug Approval Division, gave their approval of the bakuhanseki stone as an approved medicine. The stone is approved for medical purposes in powdered form (oral or skin application), dissolved in water, and for use in water filters for bathing and drinking. The Ministry of Health uses Wellness filter water in their hospitals and in many of their approved health bathing spas. The Bakuhan mineral adjusts the water to a stable alkaline pH, increases dissolved oxygen, helps to remove harmful substances (lead, mercury, and chromium) and enhances the taste by adding trace Angstrom size minerals (silica, potassium, and magnesium) to the water.

4. Quartz

Made of silicon dioxide, adding soluble silica to the water.