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Oxyflush 900mg (120 capsules)

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What is OxyFlush?

OxyFlush is designed and manufactured by author Ed McCabe (known as "Mr Oxygen"). Oxyflush capsules are natural minerals bonded to oxygen and ozone through a proprietary process. The active oxygen species are released into your intestines and colon, flushing the bowel tissues and contents with oxygen, softening faeces, and in so doing asisting the body's natural processes of digestion and elimination. Unlike bacterial diarrhoea or other reasons for loose bowels, there is no accompanying muscle weakness or loss of electrolytes. For this reason OxyFlush is widely regarded by health professionals to deliver the most thorough and gentle cleanse because it complements the body’s natural process of oxidative digestion.

Ingredients: Ozonated Magnesium oxides, Potassium citrate, Citric acid, Rice flour, Vegetable cellulose capsule.

How To Use OxyFlush

OxyFlush is vegetable-based capsules with our concentrated powder inside them. It is pure natural oxygen and ozone bonded to magnesium. It is taken orally with water or other liquids. OxyFlush releases a tremendous amount of oxygen and ozone in the intestines and colon for the purpose of cleansing.

Typically, when a person first gets a bottle of OxyFlush, they will take one capsule per 50 pounds (25Kg) body weight, two or three times a day for one or two weeks, after which they reduce the amount and number of days as an ongoing maintenance.

It is important to take OxyFlush on an empty stomach and wait an hour and a half before consuming anything. It is a very simple reaction between the hydrochloric acid in your stomach and the OxyFlush that releases the active oxygen and allows it to pass into your intestines and your colon and blood. Always drink lots of water when taking OxyFlush.

Health and Vitality

OxyFlush will help you to empty undesired materials from your intestines and your colon. One can expect copious, aqueous stools but should not experience a lot of gas, as all reactions take place in solution. This is to be distinguished from diarrhoea where by diuretic action or microbial invasion, the body purges itself of valuable fluids with an accompanying sense of urgency. With OxyFlush, you will have no sense of urgency - one more reason why it is the colon hygiene product of choice.

OxyFlush is used by many colon hydrotherapists as an adjunct to their colon irrigations or colonics, because it allows them to cleanse the intestines as well as the colon.

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