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Mini Water Maker Reverse Osmosis

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Reverse osmosis filtration forces water under high pressure through a membrane with tiny pores. Only clean water can pass through the membrane. Any pollutants are washed out with the residual (waste) water.

WaterMaker Mini can produce up to 10 gallons of water per days. The membrane of the reverse osmosis system filters out up to 98% of the dissolved solids and more than 99% of the micro biological pollution and has been approved by the Dr Clark Research Association for purity according to the public testing protocols of Dr Clark.

For a specific list of filtration efficiencies for a variety of water pollutants, please download the PDF document in the "Further information" tab of this product page.

The Nimbus Mini WaterMaker is the only reverse osmosis unit that can be directly attached to the water tap, but delivers the same pure, clear water as large and expensive filtration systems! The first installation can be done in a few minutes and does not require technical skills; thereafter the filter can be mounted and removed in just seconds as needed. Complicated installation is a thing of the past, also transporting heavy bottles of drinking water from the super market.

NOTE ON FITTING: A European standard size tap fitting is required. A plastic aerator at the tip of the spout must be removed (unscrewed) and replaced by the screw-in (EU standard) metal adaptor that is provided with the kit. This adaptor allows the Mini Water Maker to be mounted or removed from the tap at will, so that the filter does not interfere with other uses for the sink, eg dish washing.

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