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Dr Lam Alldrenal Pack (1 Month Supply)

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Gluten Free Dairy Free

Dr. Lam's Alldrenal product is a full spectrum nutrient system designed to naturally support adrenal health. Alldrenal consists of 3 nutritional formulae that contain all-natural sources of vitamins, minerals, and traditional adaptogenic herbs to help support healthy adrenal function (*note that the outer box shown in the picture is not included).

  • Dr. Lam's Adrenal Daily Nutrient™ provides valuable foundational nutrients and antioxidants derived from optimum blends of fruits and vegetables, along with a complete multivitamin spectrum essential for healthy adrenal function.
  • Dr. Lam's Adrenal Rescue™ is a comprehensive formulation of gentle adaptogenic herbs and glandulars that provide important building blocks to support adrenal function.
  • LipoLife Gold Liposomal Vitamin C is the ONLY European manufacturer to offer Quali-C in a liposomal form, making LipoLife Gold the most absorbable, highest quality product of its kind.

Dr. Lam's Adrenal Daily Nutrient™

Adrenal Daily Nutrient 165mg contains an optimal blend of multi-vitamins and minerals, deep-sea algae, antioxidants, probiotics, key fruit and vegetable extracts, and much more. This all-natural formula is designed to provide a complete nutritional foundation for supporting adrenal health. It contains no yeast, sugar, egg, corn, wheat, preservatives, artificial flavours, sweeteners or colours.

  • Delicious flavour
  • Provides probiotics
  • Provides complete multivitamin ingredients with no iron
  • Composed of a complex of fruits and vegetables
  • Easy to make. Simply stir and drink
  • Includes a marine complex of five different algae as a natural source of iodine for thyroid support


Serving Size: 1 Scoop (approx. 5.5g)
Servings per Container: 30

Nutrient Per Serving % RDA
Vitamin A 2,500 IU 50%
Vitamin C 100 mg 80%
Vitamin D3 250 IU 75%
Vitamin E 10 IU 35%
Vitamin K 40 mcg 50%
Vitamin B1 1.5 mg 100%
Vitamin B2 1.5 mg 90%
Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) 7.5 mg 38%
Vitamin B6 5 mg 250%
Folate 50 mcg 13%
Vitamin B12  3 mcg 50%
Biotin 50 mcg 15%
Vitamin B5 100 mg  1,000%
Zinc 7.5 mg  50%
Manganese 1.5 mg 75%

Proprietary Digestive Blend 1,547.5 mg: Apple pectin, Oat glucan powder, Papaya powder, Amylase complex, Cellulose complex, Lipase complex, Papain complex, Pineapple powder, Bifidobacterium Breve complex, Bifidobacterium Longum complex, Lactobacillus Acidophilus complex, Lactobacillus Casei complex, Lactobacillus Thermophilus complex, Aloe Leaf extract, Slippery Elm.

Proprietary Super Food Blend 1,187.5 mg: Barley grass powder, Blue Green Algae, Broccoli powder, Cranberry powder, Peach powder, Pomegranate, Raspberry powder, Sea vegetable blend (laminaria, ascophyllum, alaria, macrocystis), Strawberry powder, Spinach powder, Chlorella, Spirulina.

Proprietary Cleansing Blend 492.5 mg: Bromelain complex, Turmeric, Milk thistle, Prune extract, Dandelion root, Parsley powder, Ginger root extract.

Proprietary Adrenal Blend 442.5 mg: Red wine extract, Resveratrol extract, Quercetin complex, Black cherry extract, Apple skin fruit extract, Carrot powder, Watermelon extract, Licorice root extract.

Proprietary Immunity Blend 412.5 mg: Bilberry extract, Grape seed extract, Green tea extract, Blueberry extract, Cat’s claw, Plum extract, Raisin powder.

Other Ingredients: Carrot extract powder, Black cherry powder, Stevia, Natural Flavor.

Suggested Use:

Stir one scoop in 300ml to 360ml of cold water or any juice until completely dissolved, 1-3 times per day or as directed by your healthcare practitioner. If you are sensitive to supplements, have medium to severe adrenal fatigue, or are unable to tolerate taking one scoop at a time, start with one quarter of a scoop and gradually increase to 1 scoop.

Contains No: Gluten, sugars, artificial sweeteners, colors, flavors, corn, wheat, yeast, eggs, or preservatives. Processed at extremely low temperature (<5° C) to preserve natural enzymes and nutrients.

This is a vegan and gluten free product.

Dr. Lam's Adrenal Rescue™

Dr Lam's Adrenal Rescue (60 capsules) is a comprehensive formulation specifically designed to support adrenal health with traditional adaptogenic herbs and important nutritional building blocks, while also providing nutritional support for normal, healthy liver function and detoxification.


Serving size: 1 capsule
Servings per bottle: 60

Nutrient Per Serving % RDA
Vitamin C (magnesium ascorbate, sodium ascorbate) 150mg 250%
Thiamin (Vitamin B1)  0.575 mg 38%
Riboflavin (Vitamin B2) 0.8mg 50%
Niacin (Vitamin B3) 7.5 mg 38%
Folic acid 50 mcg 13%
Vitamin B12  3 mcg 50%
Biotin 50 mcg 15%
Pantothenic acid (Vitamin B5) 50 mg  500%
Selenium 12.5 mcg  18%

Proprietary Blend 460 mg: Milk Thistle Extract (standardized to 80% Silymarin flavonoids), Adrenal gland, Pantethine, N-Acetyl Cysteine, Artichoke Extract, R-Lipoic Acid, Hypothalamus Gland, Pituitary Gland, Ashwaganda Powder Extract (4:1), Liquorice Solid Extract (22% Glycyrrizin acid) 4:1, Maca Powder Extract (5:1), Rhodiola Rosea Powder Extract 3%.

Other Ingredients: Vegetable Cellulose Capsule.

Suggested Use:

As a food supplement, take 1-2 capsules, 1-3 times a day or as directed by your healthcare practitioner.

Contains No: No wheat, no gluten, no soybeans, no dairy, no egg, no fish/shellfish, no peanuts/tree nuts.

LipoLife Gold Liposomal Vitamin C

LipoLife Gold Liposomal Vitamin C represents a major breakthrough in nutrient delivery of Vitamin C. LipoLife is the ONLY European manufacturer to offer Quali-C in a liposomal form making LipoLife Gold the most absorbable, highest quality product of its kind. All synthetic Vitamin C is manufactured in China. But the Quali-C used in LipoLife products, is the world's first branded Vitamin C to be produced in a world-class DSM-owned facility in Scotland.

  • A new class of bio-available supplements
  • Nano-particle technology ensuring much higher absorption
  • Vitamin C delivered directly into your cells
  • Supporting the health of your adrenal glands


Serving size: 1 teaspoon (5ml)
Servings per bottle: 50

Nutrient Per Serving % RDA
Liposomal Vitamin C (Quali-C) 1,000mg 1250%
Potassium 50mg 2.5%
Sodium 80mg  
Phosphatidyl Choline 500mg  

Other Ingredients: Aloe Vera, Vitamin E (antioxidant), Potassium Sorbate (preservative), water, traces of Ethanol and Glycerol. This product contains Phosphatidylcholine derived from non-GMO soy lecithin (no soy proteins in the final product).

Suggested Use:

Shake before use. For best results take on an empty stomach. Take 1 teaspoon or more per day, or as recommended by your health care professional. Can be mixed with water or juice to dilute.

Contains No: Sugar, yeast, gluten, dairy, starch, soy proteins, artificial colours or artificial flavours.